MacKenzie’s Eco Gardening is an earth friendly business that aims to encourage people to re-envision their yards (all sizes)/decks/patios as ecological havens. It focuses on growing plants that are native to our region, including edible plants, such as: fruit bushes, trees, nut-bearing trees, herbs and vegetables. All new clients will receive an in-person survey of their yards/decks/patios and asked to fill out a detailed form about their favorite foods, landscaping goals and any plant allergies. Each client will receive a customized educational handout, specific to their garden space. The initial in-person consultation and customized handout will be a set charge according to the size of the property. Additional consulting will be available for an hourly charge. Clients will be provided a vetted list of local suppliers and landscapers that can complete the work if they do not want to do it themselves

Watch for details April 13, 2019.

No garden is too small





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